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As I was driving home from work, which took me 1.5 hours through the jam today , I seriously thought about this. What are the advantages if I could work from home?

1. No JAM means less stress
2. Save on petrol and toll
3. Save on car maintenance
4. Less hazardous – sometimes I am tempted to doze off when I am tired
5. Better health – physically and mentally
6. More time with family
7. More comfort
8. It can be more effective
9. Rest when needed – less MC
10. No worries on being late for work – I was late an hour yesterday because of the rain
11. Maximization of time for other “important” things like exercise etc

I am sure there are many more reasons I thought of when I was driving..but I am just too tired out now to even re-think those reasons.

Sigh..I just wish one day (when I am still alive), companies in Malaysia will implement this. Perhaps work from home 3 out of 5 working days and come in to the office for the rest of the working days. This way, you also would not lose touch with the “outside world”.

What is life when you spend most of your life in this misery? Why want to get married when 5 out of 7 days you are just tired together? Why have children when you cannot spend time watching them grow? Why have homes when you aren’t maximizing your time in it? Why buy that comfortable sofa when all you need is your bed?
I know there has not been much news on DJ’s training classes since I started posting about it. is not because I gave up and did not want to continue. Many things happened in between. When DJ seemed prepared for the exam, other dogs in his class did not seem to be ready. Hence, the trainer gave some extra classes for everyone. While this was going on, DJ kind of sprained his front legs at home and had to miss 2-3 classes. During one of the sessions, exam was held for his classmates.

The trainer was nice enough to put me into another class after DJ fully healed. And the BIG day arrived TODAY….his exam day. I had no doubt he could pass the exam. However, he has his weird moods some days where he even will refuse to walk or do anything the whole day. I prayed hard this would not happen today because I am just too tired to bring him for more classes so that he will pass his exam.

His exam was supposed to start at 10.30am. I was there at 10.15am, to give him some time to get used to the surroundings and also towards other dogs. Due to some misunderstanding of the organizer, the exam only started at around 11.15am. This is not too good for the dogs as most dogs were already feeling tired when the exam started. And this is not good for DJ because during this hour, he found his LOVE interest (a mixed Rottweiler and a Pinscher). Hence when the exam started, he was just looking at her and whenever she moves, he wants to go near her. This was certainly a drawback during the exam.

Although DJ was not able to give me his full concentration today and had some mistakes done during the exam, he still passed :). He did came in last though with a total of 61 points and the highest of the list was a 3 year old shih tzu with marks more than 80 (fyi, his love interest had 66 points). I was a little disappointed with his performance today…but well, he is just a dog and want to have this case, he wanted to spend time with his new found lady friend :). GOOD WORK DJ! You will get to meet your girlfriend next week at GRADUATION!!!

All getting prepared for the exam

DJ looses his concentration because of his love interest :P

Exam's over and DJ gets to lovey-dovey with his "gf"
Wow…I have been pretty busy for the past few weeks. At last I got my pre-wed photos back in soft copy from Keep Gallery about 1.5 weeks ago. These are un-touched photos. We were so shocked to find out that we took a total of 299 photos!! We expected only about 200. To choose 60 out of 299 would not be an easy task.

Truthfully when I first saw them with my hubby, I was a little disappointed. The photos looked nice but just do not have the “WOW” factor…not just yet. This may be because I had high expectations on them as I have seen Eugene’s great work. I thought it would be out of the world! I am mainly disappointed on the white wedding gown I chose for the photo shoot. The gown plus my hairdo makes me look much older in the photos.

But as time goes by and I had a look at the photos again and again (and had really good comments from others who saw them) and I slowly fell in love with them..well at least towards some of them..haha. Lots of them need to be photo shopped to make my arms looks slimmer and this will make the photo look more appealing to me :P.
Anyway, in my previous post I did not show which three gowns had the Top 3 spots out of all 20+ gowns I tried on. Hence now I will present you THE gowns:

First up is a black gown (some of you may feel uncomfortable with this but we just love it in the shots! Believe or not, my parents chose their framed photo of me wearing the black gown..haha)

Front View

Back View

Second is the SEXY purple gown (with the Nu Bra effect, my boobs really looked huge!..haha)

And lastly my white wedding gown (It looks nice in most photos but some I feel I looked too old)

And as a bonus, here are some of my favourite shot of the both of us.

AKPP at CLOUD 9...

Love this shot!

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