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This article was out in todays' main papers here in Malaysia. The below is an extract from The Star newspaper.

I have been meaning to write on something like this, mainly due to the fact that I need HELP! I know the above article is about sugar intake. I think my sugar intake is fine. My opinion on this is that the drinks made outside are too sweet plus Malaysians love to make all those local desserts which uses too much sugar! Anyway, this is not what I wanted to talk about.

I think it all started when I was pregnant and now even after my baby is 4 months, I feel that I am so easily tempted with....FAST FOOD! I am not sure why but it may be for the convenience (annoying to think what to eat for dinner and fast food restaurants are EVERYWHERE!. Drive-thru and delivery services makes it so convenient especially when I am stuck in a jam. Fast food to me is not over the top delicious but I do get excited thinking about wedges, sundaes, and Zinger burger and Spicy McChicken and...OMG, it is a long list.

I need to stop myself now..but how? How to stop this hazardous temptation? The temptation to just drive-thru a fast food chain or the temptation to taste their food? It takes great effort from me just to pass a fast food place without stopping by especially after work. Help me!

(In my labels, I had to choose both "likes" and "dislikes". I like to eat fast food but dislike that I am so tempted by it and how it is so unhealthy)
I was on my way to work, listening to the radio (FlyFM) and one of the topic for this morning was "In your life, what thing did you do that was a risk worth taking?". As I listened to the callers stories, it brought back memories of something I did just last year, around the same time as this year which I think was worth the risk.

Ready? I went for an interview/audition to be a DJ on FlyFM! Surprised? I surprised myself too for making such a bold move. I have never/ very rare have the guts to make such decision. Most of the time it will be all talk and no action. It was nearing my wedding dinner and I have all the excuse for being very busy, needing to spend time with my family and also preparing for the wedding. However, I made my stand and just went for it.

Obviously, I did not get the job..haha. I did not even reach the top 5 (if not mistaken they chose about 4 - 5 to test them further). Many people turned up for this (young and old). I will be lying if I told you that for not one moment, I never thought of just leaving the place before my number was called. But I knew at that moment, if I were to chicken out from it, I would be left wondering for life on the "What if...?"

It was not surprising that I was a nervous wreck during the audition. Jules and Phat Fabes was there with the other FlyFM crew members. It was actually a very comfortable audition, but well, my nerves got the better of me. Phat Fabes was trying to get me to smile when reading the script given as I smiled a lot when I was just "chatting" with them before the script reading was done. How to smile when you are soooo nervous?? Hahaha.

Anyway, I think this experience is one that I will always remember and it was worth all the risk.
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