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Some of you must be wondering what edamame has got to do with my dog, DJ. Well, I came up with the equation below:

Just two days ago, AK and I were eating our favourite edamame at home while watching some TV. For those who do not know edamame well, you can read this topic (Edamame) You are NOT supposed to eat the skin of edamame. Only eat the peas inside it. Of course our greedy DJ just stared at us eating the edamame hoping that he can get some of it.

We threw the edamame skin on some old newspaper to be thrown later. After finishing all of the edamame, we decided to take a bath. One BIG mistake was we did not throw the skin yet and went for bath. And what do you know; our little “innocent” DJ ate a few of the skin!! AK caught him munching some and he stopped and he started acting like he was caught red-handed (which he did!!..haha)

Anyway, we hoped that he would be ok after that. But for the past two nights, he vomited out the edamame skin in the middle of the night. Serve him right!! (opsss…I am not suppose to say that)

Moral of the story: Listen to your parents…hahaha
From my previous blog (, I was quite desperate in finding for this. With the help of some of you who read my blog, I finally found it at Jaya Jusco@One Utama!!!..and it is YUMMY. I just need to steam it for about 5minutes with sprinkled salt on it and VOILA....yummy snacks!! THANKS to you :)

Here are some photos of it:

Frozen Edamame pack...RM8.90

Ready to be eaten EDAMAME...yum yum
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I was in Jakarta recently for work and saw this funny sign in one of the toilets. But I think it was hung there for fun because this toilet was in a bar restaurant :P. Cute eh?

Photo taken at DeHooi Pub in South of Jakarta
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It has been so long I had cough. I never liked the cough syrup given by the doctor and tried to avoid at all cost on taking it. So when I know my cough is just starting, I will tell the doctor that I had no cough. Normally, while recovering from my other sickness (sorethroat, flu, headache, etc) my cough will go away with plenty of water. This time I am not that lucky as cough was the main symptom of my sickness.

It is now 2.00am. I went to bed at 11.30pm. I could not sleep.

It all started about a week ago (Wednesday). I had sorethroat and cough. Went to see the doc and took his medicine diligently. I had medical leave on Wednesday and had Thursday to rest too because it was a public holiday. Went back to work on Friday not fully recovered. As the office was cold (even when I had my jacket on), my cough got worse. Went to see the doctor again on Saturday and had three days to rest. For two nights I could not sleep much as I was mainly coughing my lungs out at night (till one point I vomited). Nevertheless I got a little better, enough for me to go back to work today (have not want to get fired…haha). That morning when I woke up from my measly few hours of sleep, whaddaya know, I woke up with a red eye (not extremely red but had the symptoms of conjunctivitis). I went to work anyway. My cough medication finished the day before (after 6days).

Tonight, I was coughing rather badly and while lying on the bed trying to get some shut eye, my red eye symptoms got worse. Fluid and shit was flowing out of the eye every few seconds. My vision on my left red eye blurred out. My cough did not seem to help me get my shut eye. And hence, here I am…getting frustrated and wondering when will all these end. I have tried doctors’ medication + gargling with salt water and Listerine + dosage of Pei Pa Ko + drinking herbal drink + drinking honey + drinking ginger water..nothing works. I can’t be getting no sleep at night and go to work in the morning. I can’t take medical leave everyday or I may just get fired. WTH!!! Sigh…

So now I am trying to get myself very tired and try to get some sleep on the sofa. Hope I can get at least a few hours of sleep tonight…wish me luck.
It has been a hectic few weeks of August for me. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was involved in an accident. It was really 100% my fault and till now I could not explain in detail what really happened on that day.

The accident happened in KL town at about 6.30pm. I was heading back home from a meeting in KL. My mood was definitely down earlier that day but it picked up later that evening. So I cannot put the blame on my mood. Normally while driving back from work (stuck in the jam), I tend to feel very sleepy and sometimes even find it hard to open my eyes. However, on that day I was feeling alright. Hence, I cannot put the blame on my sleepiness. At times I play with my handphone (which I know is not good) to keep myself awake or not too bored in the car. But on that day, I never touched my phone while travelling home. Therefore, I cannot put the blame on myself on the excuse that I was playing with my HP. So, everything seems perfect for a day back from work…and yet the accident happened! I guess some things cannot be avoided.

All I can tell people is that I was stuck in a bumper to bumper jam on the way back from KL town. The car in front of me moved forward and I did too. But my guess is (for whatever reason), I pressed the accelerator too hard that made my car moved forward too fast and hence, I could no break on time. BANG!! The poor driver in front of me was indeed shocked.

Well, I have fixed my car already and I am definitely poorer now…haha. I have already compensated the driver in front of me. But the bad luck just keeps on coming. While my car was in the workshop, the foremen noticed that my petrol was leaking from the tank (this has nothing to do with the accident). Sigh…so now my car is in the NAZA workshop for “check up”. Well, one positive thing is that my car still has two more months of warranty under NAZA. So hopefully they will do everything for free. Cross your fingers for me.

This was how my car looked like after the accident

And..this was how the car in front of me looked like after the accident..haha..(FYI, car in front of me was a WAJA)
One of these happened last night and I realised I never shared this with you. So here it is!
Few of DJ's weird/cute/funny/amusing antics before/during/after his sleep:

1. Legs twitching
2. Body twitching
3. Sleep barking (soft barks) - Like he was dreaming or having a nightmare
4. Snoring
5. Grumbling noises
6. Sudden jump from sleep and run to another spot and sleep right away at that spot
7. Sudden wake from sleep and look into "space" and snarl/bark (loudly)
8. "Chiap-chiap" sound (the sound of the tounge moving in the mouth just like when human does it)
9. Sighing right before his sleep (like he had a very long tiring day)

That's my old man DJ for you!!

DJ: Am I Cute or What? :P
This was one of the conversation I had with AK while I was stuck in the jam driving AK to the LRT station.

Me: (thinking about the jam, the work I am heading to, the financial setback, future, etc while grumbling about the jam and cursing at those KL people driving like it is their grandfather's road) Life does not have to be this way
AK: Other people is doing it and has no problem with it.
Me: Well, other people is just accepting it, does not mean they enjoy it.
AK: Then why can't you accept it?
Me: Because I feel life should not be this way.
AK: Then what can you do?
Me: If life is as what it is now, then I rather kill myself. Relieve myself from such life.
AK: Why must you say such thing?
Me: (Knowing I am wrong to say such thing but do not want to admit it) Ya la. Not true meh? Better I just disappear and then no need to go through all these feelings.
AK: (getting angry) Go find a new job then
Me: (lazy and unsure of my feelings but I feel that it is not the only reason) It is not that simple. Sigh.

I guess these "emotions" had something to do with the crazy week I had. Met an accident on the way back from KL town (another post will be posted on this incident), had a slight trauma after that, dealing with fixing the car, dealing with financial problem, etc. Bloody hell, I hate feeling this way. Maybe I am just being a baby.

Photo by

As I was driving home from work, which took me 1.5 hours through the jam today , I seriously thought about this. What are the advantages if I could work from home?

1. No JAM means less stress
2. Save on petrol and toll
3. Save on car maintenance
4. Less hazardous – sometimes I am tempted to doze off when I am tired
5. Better health – physically and mentally
6. More time with family
7. More comfort
8. It can be more effective
9. Rest when needed – less MC
10. No worries on being late for work – I was late an hour yesterday because of the rain
11. Maximization of time for other “important” things like exercise etc

I am sure there are many more reasons I thought of when I was driving..but I am just too tired out now to even re-think those reasons.

Sigh..I just wish one day (when I am still alive), companies in Malaysia will implement this. Perhaps work from home 3 out of 5 working days and come in to the office for the rest of the working days. This way, you also would not lose touch with the “outside world”.

What is life when you spend most of your life in this misery? Why want to get married when 5 out of 7 days you are just tired together? Why have children when you cannot spend time watching them grow? Why have homes when you aren’t maximizing your time in it? Why buy that comfortable sofa when all you need is your bed?
I know there has not been much news on DJ’s training classes since I started posting about it. is not because I gave up and did not want to continue. Many things happened in between. When DJ seemed prepared for the exam, other dogs in his class did not seem to be ready. Hence, the trainer gave some extra classes for everyone. While this was going on, DJ kind of sprained his front legs at home and had to miss 2-3 classes. During one of the sessions, exam was held for his classmates.

The trainer was nice enough to put me into another class after DJ fully healed. And the BIG day arrived TODAY….his exam day. I had no doubt he could pass the exam. However, he has his weird moods some days where he even will refuse to walk or do anything the whole day. I prayed hard this would not happen today because I am just too tired to bring him for more classes so that he will pass his exam.

His exam was supposed to start at 10.30am. I was there at 10.15am, to give him some time to get used to the surroundings and also towards other dogs. Due to some misunderstanding of the organizer, the exam only started at around 11.15am. This is not too good for the dogs as most dogs were already feeling tired when the exam started. And this is not good for DJ because during this hour, he found his LOVE interest (a mixed Rottweiler and a Pinscher). Hence when the exam started, he was just looking at her and whenever she moves, he wants to go near her. This was certainly a drawback during the exam.

Although DJ was not able to give me his full concentration today and had some mistakes done during the exam, he still passed :). He did came in last though with a total of 61 points and the highest of the list was a 3 year old shih tzu with marks more than 80 (fyi, his love interest had 66 points). I was a little disappointed with his performance today…but well, he is just a dog and want to have this case, he wanted to spend time with his new found lady friend :). GOOD WORK DJ! You will get to meet your girlfriend next week at GRADUATION!!!

All getting prepared for the exam

DJ looses his concentration because of his love interest :P

Exam's over and DJ gets to lovey-dovey with his "gf"
Wow…I have been pretty busy for the past few weeks. At last I got my pre-wed photos back in soft copy from Keep Gallery about 1.5 weeks ago. These are un-touched photos. We were so shocked to find out that we took a total of 299 photos!! We expected only about 200. To choose 60 out of 299 would not be an easy task.

Truthfully when I first saw them with my hubby, I was a little disappointed. The photos looked nice but just do not have the “WOW” factor…not just yet. This may be because I had high expectations on them as I have seen Eugene’s great work. I thought it would be out of the world! I am mainly disappointed on the white wedding gown I chose for the photo shoot. The gown plus my hairdo makes me look much older in the photos.

But as time goes by and I had a look at the photos again and again (and had really good comments from others who saw them) and I slowly fell in love with them..well at least towards some of them..haha. Lots of them need to be photo shopped to make my arms looks slimmer and this will make the photo look more appealing to me :P.
Anyway, in my previous post I did not show which three gowns had the Top 3 spots out of all 20+ gowns I tried on. Hence now I will present you THE gowns:

First up is a black gown (some of you may feel uncomfortable with this but we just love it in the shots! Believe or not, my parents chose their framed photo of me wearing the black gown..haha)

Front View

Back View

Second is the SEXY purple gown (with the Nu Bra effect, my boobs really looked huge!..haha)

And lastly my white wedding gown (It looks nice in most photos but some I feel I looked too old)

And as a bonus, here are some of my favourite shot of the both of us.

AKPP at CLOUD 9...

Love this shot!

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At a Chinese Hawker Center Taman Desa, KL.

As usual, me and hubby with DJ in my arms walked into the open hawker center after DJ's training session. We normally would find a table at the side so that we would not be making anyone uncomfortable with DJ around (lots of people who brings their dog there chooses the side tables). Today was a little different because instead of having breakfast there, we had our lunch. Hence the place was quite packed. As we were approaching the best located table....

Men next door: Eh! Don't sit so near OK??!! (he said it in cantonese but just as rude)...(staring at us as if DJ was a disease)

I was really unhappy about that. This guy could have tell us politely to leave as he was not comfortable with a dog being so near him. He was plain rude. Even after we moved further away from him, he stared at us and moved even further.

Poor DJ.
DJ: Am I not cute enough, sir?

Finally our photoshoot day arrived. Perhaps I was too tired from everything that happened on Monday that when I woke up for my photoshoot day yesterday, I had not much of excitement in me. I was too busy thinking what were things that I forgot to pack for the photoshoot. I was also still wondering if there was a glimmer of hope that DJ would be able to join us in the shoot (ended up he could not).

Anyway, the photoshoot started with some make-over for AK and I..mostly for me..haha. It took more than an hour for me to get ready for the photoshoot but just about 20mins for AK. We spent about an hour to finish up with the indoor shoot and started getting ready for our outdoor photos. It was hilarious when we just started shooting as AK and I could not keep a straight smiling face while the photographer guided us through. Keep Gallery is well known for their outdoor shooting so we did not expect much from the indoor ones.

The journey to PD was tiring but once we reached there and started posing (jumping, walking, climbing branches, lying on the sand, etc), it started to get really exciting. Our first experience on the beach was terrible because the sand was SO hot and there were a few “time-bomb-plants” there that got stuck on my dress and cut my toes..OUCH. We went to a few locations in PD and had a great time :).
Overall, it was a great experience. I like our photographer Eugene and my MUA Crystal very much..not forgetting Joey, the assistant to the photographer was good too.

Actually, my hubby warned me early in the day not to get too stressed up during the shoot and start showing tantrums during the event. Told me to just enjoy myself and stop with my WORRYING..hahaha. Well, I am proud to say that throughout the whole day of shooting, I was patient, obedient and just enjoying the moments. I am sure you are proud of me, hubby!
Follow up photos to come soon……cross your fingers.
YES!! It finally arrived
Front Cover

Back Cover

And...the DVD itself!!

Russell Peters!!! You are one heck of a funny man!

AK and I fell in love with Russell Peters like we fell in love with the Edamame :P ( I have to thank Steven (friend) who introduced me to him. Russell Peters is so far one of the funniest comedian in the world. For the record, I do not watch many stand-up comedies. Hence, please forgive me if you do not think so (introduce me to one if you have someone better..hehe). Well, even if he is not the BEST, at least he is AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS!! I introduced him to a few of my friends and they just loveeeeeee him :).

Since he is a Canadian-Indian, his best jokes are on the Indians. Other than that, his jokes revolve a lot around Asians, Arabs, Jews, cultures, sex, etc. I am sure you would know by now that he will NEVER be allowed to perform in Malaysia. I was excited and sad at the same time when my friend Anu (I introduced RP to her a few months back) told me she will have the opportunity to watch him in Australia. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..why not me??? But well, she did help me buy one of his shows on DVD and I was so excited when the package arrived.

AK and I did not waste a single minute to start watching it. It was great just laughing our asses off at home watching him for two days in a row :)

To those who have not heard of Russell Peters, go watch some of his clips on You Tube. Unless you are one of those who are sensitive to jokes, you will surely enjoy his show.

(Photo courtesy of

The first time I saw edamame I was grossed out by it because I thought it was the Chinese beans. But the first time I tasted it in Rakuzen, I fell in love with it. Boiled edamame with sprinkles of salt....YUMMMMMYYYY! I introduced it to my hubby and now he is a sucker for it too :)

We have been wondering and finding a place in KL ( Malaysia perhaps) which sells fresh edamame so that we can boil/steam it ourselves and eat it as snacks. It is so much healthier than having junk food like 'keropok' and 'cookies'.

So anyone..anyone out there who knows where to get this in KL...PLEASEEEEEEEEEE tell me. I will reward you with $$ just to know where I can get this :P
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Ever wondered how Melaka food in KL will taste like? I decided to bring my half-Nyonya mother to Sri Melaka in One Utama. This is my second visit to this shop. Normally I would not go into any restaurant which has the word “Penang” or “Melaka” or any other states name in KL…it just does not seem right. But well, I got to satisfy my curiosity sometimes :P.

Overall from my total of two visits there, I think the food tastes quite good. However the food was way overpriced. So it is just one of those places I would go “once in awhile”. Judge it for yourself on the prices below:

Mix Vegetable with meat (RM 28.00)...way over priced even with the prawns

Green Curry Fish (RM 21.00) - This is highly recommended..marvelous

Foo Yong Egg (RM 14.00) - Very normal

Sizzling Beancurd (RM 15.00) - Normal

I guess the only dish I feel is kind of worth it is the delicious green curry fish..haha. However, I do recall the pandan chicken I had on my first visit was good too. Overall, I feel this is one place you can try once and that would be enough. Bring your whole family so that you can try a few of their dishes...but get your credit card ready or make sure you have enough cash..haha.
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This is something no wife would like to admit…that her family eats catering food at home. If you do not agree then I guess it is my personal opinion. First of all, I actually do like cooking for my husband. I actually miss cooking a lot and I have always wanted to do some baking like I did when I was in secondary school.

Time does not permit me to cook anymore (after my change of job and also taking care of DJ). We are out on weekends hence not much of cooking can be done. So with a heavy heart, I suggested to my hubby in ordering catered food for our dinner. It would be better than eating whatever “rubbish” we have at home which is unhealthy.
I found this home caterer online and was not too sure how good they were. I recalled during the days I had catered food when I was still schooling, I did not fancy much of their food and they were quite oily too. This home caterer assured me that their food uses less oil and salt and that the food they provide us is the same food he provides his own family.

I must say 80% of the time the food came with less oil and salt :) …not bad. Below are some photos of the catered food.

Just a short summary before I start with the main story. AK and I have been together as a couple for 8 years plus now. When we got registered on our 7th year anniversary, whatever happened after that was the same as when we were just dating. Basically, we were like a married couple even before we signed the marriage certificate. We were in no mood (mainly financially) to do any wedding dinner or wedding shoot. Long story short, our parents said that it is a MUST for us to take the photo. My guess is for them to put it up in the house to show that their children is already married :P. My mum said it is a symbol in my house to show our marriage to people.

After having thought about it, we decided to go for a simple one..perhaps a total of 1-2 gowns. Why take so many when it will all end up in a photo album or a casing which will be kept under the bed or on the cupboard or in the store room? At last we did what all other married couples have done…chose a bridal studio, paid the deposit and went for our gown selection. In the middle of all these events, I got excited (like many other brides will be). Had so many ideas and thought that the “simple” one we were going for was just too simple…haha. And many friends will tell me it is a once in a lifetime thing. They were shocked that I had not much preparation done for the dinner and the photoshoot.

Anyway, we ended up taking a package with Keep Gallery which supposed to include 4 gowns for the shoot. However, we chose PD as our photoshoot location (as we love the beach a lot) and this location was counted “far” and we could only have 3 gowns in total. I had my gown selection on 27th May 2010 and was tempted to add another day for shooting (which is quite normal) because I thought that 3 gowns was just too little..hehe…see how much I changed? But I kept reminding myself that it would be a waste of money because after everything is over, the album will just be a dust collector. So…wish me luck that lots of my poses are good enough for the album! :)
Here are some photos of the “almost” made to the Top 3 gowns during our selection.

More photos to come..(snapshots during gown selection)
(see the video)

"Robots have replaced humans on assembly lines, battlefields, space missions and rescue operations. Now how about doing something useful, like sitting through endless meetings for you?

Meet the Anybots QB, a telepresence robot that can represent you in the office by sitting in conference rooms, going to meetings and rolling about through the cubicle farm. The whole time it does so, it displays a live webcam video of your face, while transmitting to you a live video and audio stream of whatever it’s looking at."

Hmmm...too bad it cannot type for me at work.
I just recently had lunch at a shop opened by a Opposition of Malaysia government. Their main attraction is the price of their Steam Fish Head. The fish cost only a mere RM 9.90! The prices for other dishes sold were a little above average (about RM2 more than normal). Here are some examples of their food:-

The Rm 9.90 Steam Fish Head..not bad for its price

Just a simple bitter gourd dish..RM12

The yummy Marmite Chicken..RM15

My family enjoyed the Steam Fish Head very much. I still think those in Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Mun Kee Restaurant is so much nicer and sweeter. However, you have to keep into account the price difference :P. But, I do love their marmite chicken..yummy!

So, does it mean I have to vote for the opposition from now on???

(photo taken in the restaurant)

Hahaha...well, Oppositions, do not get too excited because I got to be a voter first.
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Have you ever experienced a BLANK moment? I am actually in a situation where these questions occasionally pop out:-

“What have I done today? What have I done for the past week? What have I done for the past month?”…and the ultimate…

“What is life?”

Everything for me now is a bit of a blur. At times I cannot even recall what happened or what I ate yesterday. Everything seems too much like a timetable to me or a little too fake. Hmmm…am thinking of how to spice my life up now.

Photo courtesy of

For the past week, I have heard this same comment from different individuals. "All girls are like that"

Well, the topic was centered on shopping. People think that all girls love shopping and making themselves pretty with make-up and accessories (not only guys thinks so but the girls too!). Believe it or not, but I know some girls (woman mostly..haha) does not really like to shop or spend time beautifying themselves. Either they are lying to me or it is really true.

I guess I am like the majority of girls. I always say to AK "If I was single and have no financial commitments, I think I will spend most of my salary on clothes, shoes, handbags, facial products,...etc". His reply was "If I was single, I would be spending on my dream car, hi-fi system, gadgets,..etc". Wow..his total expenditure can cover my whole lifetime supply of clothes and shoes and handbags and............hahahaha.

Photo from

This was our (me and hubby) first double movie date with my best friend (BF) and her hubby. My BF suggested we watch Iron Man 2. As we had enjoyed Iron Man the last time, we agreed. Tickets were all sold out (e-ticketing) at One Utama and e@Curve. Hence, my BF managed to get tickets at Tropicana Mall (4th row from the front…haha). We had nice Claypot Chicken Rice at Damansara Jaya before the movie and some Taiwan snacks after the movie at Tropicana. Sigh..the food at Tropicana was really quite disappointing.

Anyway, this is a movie review, so I should cut my grandmother’s story short..hehe. Overall the movie was good. However, AK and I preferred the first movie of Iron Man. We feel that the sequel was a little too messy with too many characters in it. In addition to that, the humor of this sequel was not as good as the first one. There were too many “Iron Man” prototypes in this movie too which makes it not so special anymore. However, you would not be too disappointed with the action and the hi-tech scenes of this movie.

I would certainly recommend this movie to my friends. Enjoy!!
P/s Look out for the new “hot” character Natalia, played by Scarlett Johansson (showed in the picture above)
I bought this printer in July 2006, together with my DELL laptop (XPS-M1330). I used to use this printer quite often at the beginning..but now..NILL. Overall, I like it a lot because I could scan my coloured photos quite well to upload it in the web. But now I realised I rarely use it and it is not good to leave it idle for so long. The ink will slowly dry off and then I would need to buy new cartridges again. Lately, someone mentioned about buying a printer..and I thought "Hey...if she does not mind a second hand printer, why not get mine?". But I really do not know how much I should sell. If I am not mistaken the printer cost me about RM200-300 at that time. Hmmmm...

Anyway, some photos of my printer:

View of the scanner

Overall view

View when not in use

You can check out the cartridges prices at

This is where I bought my new cartridges. Purchasing of the cartridges was very easy..just by doing it online and they will send them by post in a nice packaging :P
I would really recommend this place if you are a fan of steam fish…especially Steam Fish Head. As far as I know, there are two places that serve delicious and cheap fresh steam fish head in KL. One is the ever so famous Jalan Chan Sow Lin Steam Fish Head (will post this soon as I ate it quite awhile back..hehe). One more is my new found discovery (thanks to my hubby), Mun Kee Steam Fish Head at Off Jalan Imbi.
I have tried two kinds of steam fish head at Jalan Chan Sow Lin (spicy and non-spicy) and the non-spicy one at Mun Kee. Basically, both are very delicious because the fish they use is very fresh. Overall, here are some of the differences about these two places:-

1. Harder to find parking at Jalan Chan Sow Lin (if you found one, you will be charged RM 2) whereas there is a designated parking space for Mun Kee (and it is a free parking if you eat there. Remember to have your ticket stamped before you leave)
2. The shop at Jalan Chan Sow Lin is small and very old whereas Mun Kee is located at a more open space hawker centre. There are also other stalls at this hawker centre selling other types of food.
3. The prices are cheap at both places. However, if I am not mistaken, the price for Jalan Chan Sow Lin is a little lesser than Mun Kee.
Personally, I would prefer Mun Kee as it is nearer to my place and the place has better ventilation than Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

Enjoy the photos of the mouth watering dishes at Mun Kee:-

Photo taken from the parking lot

Ta-da..the delicious Steam Fish Head (medium size according to the boss however it was huge. Enough for 4 person. RM 26)

Beansprouts (A big plate for only RM 5)

Steam Pork with salted fish (yummy and at RM 12)

Thumbs up by my dad :)

The way to a happy family is through their stomach..hahaha


Address :
8, Jalan Melati, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
55100 Wilayah Persekutuan
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