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I would really recommend this place if you are a fan of steam fish…especially Steam Fish Head. As far as I know, there are two places that serve delicious and cheap fresh steam fish head in KL. One is the ever so famous Jalan Chan Sow Lin Steam Fish Head (will post this soon as I ate it quite awhile back..hehe). One more is my new found discovery (thanks to my hubby), Mun Kee Steam Fish Head at Off Jalan Imbi.
I have tried two kinds of steam fish head at Jalan Chan Sow Lin (spicy and non-spicy) and the non-spicy one at Mun Kee. Basically, both are very delicious because the fish they use is very fresh. Overall, here are some of the differences about these two places:-

1. Harder to find parking at Jalan Chan Sow Lin (if you found one, you will be charged RM 2) whereas there is a designated parking space for Mun Kee (and it is a free parking if you eat there. Remember to have your ticket stamped before you leave)
2. The shop at Jalan Chan Sow Lin is small and very old whereas Mun Kee is located at a more open space hawker centre. There are also other stalls at this hawker centre selling other types of food.
3. The prices are cheap at both places. However, if I am not mistaken, the price for Jalan Chan Sow Lin is a little lesser than Mun Kee.
Personally, I would prefer Mun Kee as it is nearer to my place and the place has better ventilation than Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

Enjoy the photos of the mouth watering dishes at Mun Kee:-

Photo taken from the parking lot

Ta-da..the delicious Steam Fish Head (medium size according to the boss however it was huge. Enough for 4 person. RM 26)

Beansprouts (A big plate for only RM 5)

Steam Pork with salted fish (yummy and at RM 12)

Thumbs up by my dad :)

The way to a happy family is through their stomach..hahaha


Address :
8, Jalan Melati, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
55100 Wilayah Persekutuan

I have finally found a term to describe the relationship between PoPo and DJ...a term I am very familiar with with my sister when I was younger. DJ is like the "irritating" little brother PoPo never had..hehehe.

When they first met and DJ started disturbing PoPo, we thought that perhaps they are trying to determine who the more dominant one is (since both are males). As times goes by, I realised that DJ may actually be looking up to PoPo as a big brother. Few indications:-

1. Following PoPo almost everywhere he goes
2. When at the park, DJ waits for PoPo. When PoPo reaches DJ and continues walking, he will then walk beside PoPo
3. Playing on the bed: When PoPo rests, DJ rests
4. At home: Keeps looking at PoPo to see what PoPo does. When PoPo rests, he rests. When PoPo walks, he walks. BUT when PoPo seems to be doing nothing much, DJ will then disturb him as if to invite him to play.

Luckily PoPo does growl at DJ when DJ is being too clingy or too rough with him. DJ does need someone to teach him what is right and what is wrong. But PoPo sometimes gets too lazy to bother with DJ and seems to get irritated by DJ..haha.
I am the youngest among my siblings. And I do admit that among the three of us, I am the least responsible child due to the fact that I did not need to hold much responsibility when I was younger. My brother who is the eldest has always been the most sensible one among us. He makes decisions after giving it much thought. My sister always had been the one with her own opinions and is not afraid to follow them. And all I could think of when I was younger was how unfair the world is when my parents forces me to study…hahahaha. Hence, it is not a surprise that my brother and sister are much more sensible in making decisions. I really salute them for making so much effort in researching before they decide on implementing or decide on something. I am such a lazy person that I do not bother to do such thing. Lots of time, the both of them will do the research for me and I will just read the summary. It was even better if they came up with a solution for my problem :P

However when I decided to get a puppy, I did my own research for a month before deciding on what breed of dog would be suitable for me and my hubby. I continued researching on how to bring up DJ (my Mini Schnauzer) and what is acceptable and not. To me, it is an obvious decision to do these researches before getting a puppy. It is not like buying a PC or handphone, etc. You are actually buying a “life thing” which will be in your life for the next 10-15 years! Hence I thought it was normal for everyone to do what I did.

But it actually shocked me on how many people out there (same age as me or older) buys a dog without doing a single research. Many of them do not know that certain breed of dogs is not suitable for them. At times I get so angry when someone buys a dog not knowing what to do with it. They thought that everything could be trained but this is not 100% true. I get so angry till I say this “You not only have to research on which kind of dog is suitable for you. But you also have to think whether the dog will be happy in the environment you plan to bring him up in. Getting a dog just to please you is not the right thing. The dog deserves to be happy too”.

After this experience, I suddenly realized how irritating I may have been to my family…haha. I have always been the one that refuses to do any research. Well, hopefully from now on, I will make more sensible decisions..but no promises..:P

I was uploading some of DJ’s photos (old and new) into a website when I suddenly noticed how much he has changed in just a few months (look at pic above).

The first picture was when AK and I first met him at the breeders’ house. He was in a medium sized rattan basket with his brother (named T-Rex by his owner now). DJ was very curious with what was happening out of the basket that he tried to stand up against the basket wall to look at what was happening outside. AK was amused by him and that was when we decided to get him. (30 Jan 2010)

Second photo was taken on his first outing to a friends’ house where he played in her garden and had a blast, but was extremely tired after that. (6 Mac 2010)

And the last photo was taken recently in May when he went for his first Obedience Training Class. (28 March 2010)

See the difference? Miss his “puppy” look a little after seeing these photos together..hehe. But he turned out to be one handsome miniature schnauzer huh? :P
We are having a blast playing with our new toy, the Sony DSC HX1. It is simple enough for me to use and yet the photos turn out quite well. I am no expert in photography but this camera pushes me to be more creative in photo taking. Below are some photos taken using this camera. Keep in mind that we are not professionals and are just learning the right way of using it :)

A close up of a Golden Retriever from DJ's training

DJ at his second Obedience Training Class

A panaroma view of The Legend Water Chalet Resort in Port Dickson

A photo of me at the resort above

AK's photo at the resort

A close up photo of me (although I think I look fat here, but the photo itself is nice...hehehe)

Using the food application on this photo..nice? :P

Ahh...I love this...the SUNSET

Me and DJ looking out the balcony

AK and DJ with the Sunset
I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is a cartoon about a Viking’s son befriending a dragon. The problem was that the Vikings main job was to kill dragons because these creatures are known as pests in their village. The story is an easy story to follow but there were many interesting scenes in the movie. As for me, I loved every single minute of this cartoon. One of the best cartoon for the past year :)

This photo (courtesy of shows the main character in the movie, Hiccup (viking’s son), Hiccups love interest Astrid and Toothless, his pet dragon. Apparently, Toothless was modelled after the character Stitch of Lilo & Stitch. Come to think of it, he does show some characteristics of Stich :P

p/s Funny thing was this movie was recommended by my hubby who rarely watched cartoon movies in cinema. However, he read that the gross revenue for this movie out beat Alice in Wonderland.
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