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I usually just read these kind of "predictions" for fun...but I have a strong personal connection with this one and I have a strong feeling this will be my ultimate setback for 2010. Hope I can resolve my issues early of next year. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! :)

Year 2010 Overview
The symbol for Libra is Balance. In the next year, you'll find yourself doing even more balancing than usual; you're going to be pressed to decide if your internal sense of happiness should be the focus of life more than the outward signs of success. This may have been weighing heavily on your mind for the last several months, as far as work and the state of your love life. What you are likely to be weighing this year is a little more intangible (and a little more important) than those things. Specifically, in 2010 you'll find yourself weighing out the cost of the connections you've formed for yourself versus their actual value to you.

There's going to be a lot of pressure on you from within and without as to who you really are at heart and who you really are to those closest to you. This will be both in your personal life and at work. The natural Libra impulse is often to make peace with these kind of pressures, or negotiate your way around them. Your best bet in the next year though will be to recognize your own inherent value -- not just what you appear to be worth to others.

In the final analysis this is all good news, even if it's good news in disguise. No one is better than you at beautifying things or finding the inherent beauty in the mundane. Once you realize that you yourself are at least as shiny and pretty as any accessory -- in your heart and soul, where beauty really counts -- you'll have begun assembling a better You. Breathe through the difficult spots, and enjoy the results!

Recently I started listing down the invitees for my house warming coming New Year. As for my hubby and I, we agreed to have a small house warming and only invite those we are close to. However, it occurred to me I have not many close friends (the ones that I really keep in touch with). I have many friends, but not many close ones.

In my younger years, my family shifted around a lot (a total of 13 times for me!!). Therefore I never had any neighborhood friends or childhood friends. The first few years of my life was in one state, then 6 years in another then back to the first state. And now I am in another state because of work. This is just one of the reason. Another reason is (I am ashamed of admitting this) that I am one LAZY girl. Many of times I had friends inviting me for gatherings etc, but I do not want to go. I will give all kinds of excuses even though I know it would be fun. Deep down inside, I am afraid I would not have much to say at the gathering or I do not fit well with them or I do not dress right or..and the list goes on (I know, I know, I think too much). Because of me being a scare-dy cat most of the time, I loose out on being one of ANY of the "gang". But I am one lucky girl. I still have a few friends who never gave up on me :P. Some still calls me up for a chat or invite me to gatherings. Since I realised what kind of person I am previously, I will force myself to meet up with friends (sometimes it works and sometimes not..haha). After meeting up with them, I realised how much have I been missing.

Although at times I still go back to the old me, but now I will pull out the courage to invite my friends out instead. And usually things go very smoothly and all that I was worried about before never even appeared. I admit I am stupid in this sense but it is hard to shake of those feelings I had and still have in me.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those friends who never gave up on me even though I 'ffk' many times before. Don't give up on me and I will try my very best to change my ways :P

P/s Oh...and to my new friends, just ignore what you read here and just continue to be my friend..hahaha. I am trying to change, remember?? Give la chance...hehe

Christmas is drawing near. I am neither a Christian nor a Catholic, but out all of the Malaysian celebrations, I love Christmas the most. Compared to Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya songs, Christmas songs are the BEST. It seems to lighten up your mood and suck you into the occasion even if you are not celebrating it. The other celebrations for me is too loud, too much work, too much of everything..and it does not help that most of their songs are unpleasant to my ears. Another thing I love about Christmas is their decorations. It makes me happy and excited just seeing the decorated Christmas tree.

I never really celebrated Christmas. At most, I join my cousins for mass on the eve of Christmas and visit them for lunch on the first day. But this was years ago. This year, my parents and brother will be coming down to my place for Christmas. I think like all celebrations, Christmas is all about FAMILY. I wish my sister will be here too but she is just too far away. At least this year I get to spend Christmas with my hubby, my parents and my brother in my new HOME. It is going to be a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!



Lyssa and hubby
My hubby and I decided long ago we would try this style of decorating when we get into our new home. This way of decorating is slowly becoming famous in Malaysia (especially in KL). Not many shops have this available to the consumers but we manage to find someone at Curve who sells this. All of her designs are made from Korea and it does not come cheap...although it is much cheaper than installing wallpaper. We loved the outcome of the design (after some hard work installing it since it is our first time trying it out).

What do you think? :P

First Step : Cut all the designs out (after "applying" the sticker on it)

Second Step : Planning the arrangements on the wall

Third Step : Stick the design accordingly and is all DONE

Another design: Under my stairs

p/s You can view more decorations sold by this person in
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