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I can’t wait for DJ’s last vaccination in mid-March. Currently he still needs 2 more vaccination before he is able to go out into the public or even interact with any animals. The full vaccination is supposed to boost his immune system to the maximum. For the meantime, we have to just spend the weekend in the house with him. Hence, we have limited activities that can really tire him out.

Apparently my hubby found out that there is an association full of dog owners that meet up every Saturday for hiking activities at Bukit Gasing with their dogs (small or big dogs). This would be one activity we will try out. I like hiking so would not be a problem for me (plus I really do need the exercise..hehe). My hubby on the other hand who dislikes hiking is now willing to hike because of DJ. WooHoo!! Usually if I suggest on going for a hike, he will give excuses like “tired”, “next time”, “don’t feel like it”, “lets go for a movie instead”, etc. So I should really thank DJ for this change..hehe. But we still have to see how things go when we really do join the group :)

I will be going back to my hometown this coming CNY with DJ. It is just too bad the vet discourages DJ to have any close contact with my parents’ pet dog. Would really love to see him play and interact with PoPo (3 year old Pomeranian).
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FYI, it is not a BABY. that I got that cleared out, I would like to announce to the whole world that the new addition to my family is D.J!!...our puppy.
After a few weeks of contemplating whether we should get a puppy, we finally got one after doing some research. DJ is of a miniature Schnauzer breed.
He was just a few days shy from 2.5 months when we brought him back home last weekend. I visited his breeder twice before deciding to get her miniature Schnauzer.
My hubby could not stop saying "Look at him dear, he is sooooo small la". Then I would look lovingly at DJ and then at my hubby and say "Ya lor...he is so cute and small"

We did not know what to expect from him when we brought him home. First thing we did was to make sure he is comfortable in our house and with us. Introduced him to his own "house" too. Today is the 5th day he is with us. Got very comfortable with us to an extend my hubby said he may be too attached to us :P. Followed us around the house wherever we walked. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen yesterday. Whenever I walked to the fridge to get something, he will get up from his resting position and follow me around to see what was I doing. At night, we try to wear him out so that he will be extremely tired and have a good 8 hours sleep at night. Our problem is not about us having the time or energy to do it. Our main problem is that he gets tired and takes naps after every 10-20 minutes of playtime...haha. We usually try to force him to wake up when he nap for more than 15 minutes. Most of the time it works but sometimes he sleeps like a log. It was really funny how we tried finding ways to wake him up from his nap.

DJ has started his whining and howling when he is left alone (out of our sight). Training him on this will be my biggest challenge. Second challenge will be teaching him it is not right to gnaw/bite on human's skin. So far he is doing fairly well on his pee-ing and pooping. 90% of the time he pees on the designated area and 50% of the time he poo at his designated area. I think it is a job well done for him at such a young age :).

Anyway, here is a photo of our new family member, DJ :)

p/s It is confirmed that DJ is one healthy puppy :). Had his first visit (by us) to the vet for a general health check up. The only comment from the doctor was that DJ was a little under weight but it is something we do not need to worry about. Reminded us to give him his vitamin daily and to monitor his appetite.
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