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Just a short summary before I start with the main story. AK and I have been together as a couple for 8 years plus now. When we got registered on our 7th year anniversary, whatever happened after that was the same as when we were just dating. Basically, we were like a married couple even before we signed the marriage certificate. We were in no mood (mainly financially) to do any wedding dinner or wedding shoot. Long story short, our parents said that it is a MUST for us to take the photo. My guess is for them to put it up in the house to show that their children is already married :P. My mum said it is a symbol in my house to show our marriage to people.

After having thought about it, we decided to go for a simple one..perhaps a total of 1-2 gowns. Why take so many when it will all end up in a photo album or a casing which will be kept under the bed or on the cupboard or in the store room? At last we did what all other married couples have done…chose a bridal studio, paid the deposit and went for our gown selection. In the middle of all these events, I got excited (like many other brides will be). Had so many ideas and thought that the “simple” one we were going for was just too simple…haha. And many friends will tell me it is a once in a lifetime thing. They were shocked that I had not much preparation done for the dinner and the photoshoot.

Anyway, we ended up taking a package with Keep Gallery which supposed to include 4 gowns for the shoot. However, we chose PD as our photoshoot location (as we love the beach a lot) and this location was counted “far” and we could only have 3 gowns in total. I had my gown selection on 27th May 2010 and was tempted to add another day for shooting (which is quite normal) because I thought that 3 gowns was just too little..hehe…see how much I changed? But I kept reminding myself that it would be a waste of money because after everything is over, the album will just be a dust collector. So…wish me luck that lots of my poses are good enough for the album! :)
Here are some photos of the “almost” made to the Top 3 gowns during our selection.

More photos to come..(snapshots during gown selection)
(see the video)

"Robots have replaced humans on assembly lines, battlefields, space missions and rescue operations. Now how about doing something useful, like sitting through endless meetings for you?

Meet the Anybots QB, a telepresence robot that can represent you in the office by sitting in conference rooms, going to meetings and rolling about through the cubicle farm. The whole time it does so, it displays a live webcam video of your face, while transmitting to you a live video and audio stream of whatever it’s looking at."

Hmmm...too bad it cannot type for me at work.
I just recently had lunch at a shop opened by a Opposition of Malaysia government. Their main attraction is the price of their Steam Fish Head. The fish cost only a mere RM 9.90! The prices for other dishes sold were a little above average (about RM2 more than normal). Here are some examples of their food:-

The Rm 9.90 Steam Fish Head..not bad for its price

Just a simple bitter gourd dish..RM12

The yummy Marmite Chicken..RM15

My family enjoyed the Steam Fish Head very much. I still think those in Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Mun Kee Restaurant is so much nicer and sweeter. However, you have to keep into account the price difference :P. But, I do love their marmite chicken..yummy!

So, does it mean I have to vote for the opposition from now on???

(photo taken in the restaurant)

Hahaha...well, Oppositions, do not get too excited because I got to be a voter first.
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Have you ever experienced a BLANK moment? I am actually in a situation where these questions occasionally pop out:-

“What have I done today? What have I done for the past week? What have I done for the past month?”…and the ultimate…

“What is life?”

Everything for me now is a bit of a blur. At times I cannot even recall what happened or what I ate yesterday. Everything seems too much like a timetable to me or a little too fake. Hmmm…am thinking of how to spice my life up now.

Photo courtesy of

For the past week, I have heard this same comment from different individuals. "All girls are like that"

Well, the topic was centered on shopping. People think that all girls love shopping and making themselves pretty with make-up and accessories (not only guys thinks so but the girls too!). Believe it or not, but I know some girls (woman mostly..haha) does not really like to shop or spend time beautifying themselves. Either they are lying to me or it is really true.

I guess I am like the majority of girls. I always say to AK "If I was single and have no financial commitments, I think I will spend most of my salary on clothes, shoes, handbags, facial products,...etc". His reply was "If I was single, I would be spending on my dream car, hi-fi system, gadgets,..etc". Wow..his total expenditure can cover my whole lifetime supply of clothes and shoes and handbags and............hahahaha.

Photo from

This was our (me and hubby) first double movie date with my best friend (BF) and her hubby. My BF suggested we watch Iron Man 2. As we had enjoyed Iron Man the last time, we agreed. Tickets were all sold out (e-ticketing) at One Utama and e@Curve. Hence, my BF managed to get tickets at Tropicana Mall (4th row from the front…haha). We had nice Claypot Chicken Rice at Damansara Jaya before the movie and some Taiwan snacks after the movie at Tropicana. Sigh..the food at Tropicana was really quite disappointing.

Anyway, this is a movie review, so I should cut my grandmother’s story short..hehe. Overall the movie was good. However, AK and I preferred the first movie of Iron Man. We feel that the sequel was a little too messy with too many characters in it. In addition to that, the humor of this sequel was not as good as the first one. There were too many “Iron Man” prototypes in this movie too which makes it not so special anymore. However, you would not be too disappointed with the action and the hi-tech scenes of this movie.

I would certainly recommend this movie to my friends. Enjoy!!
P/s Look out for the new “hot” character Natalia, played by Scarlett Johansson (showed in the picture above)
I bought this printer in July 2006, together with my DELL laptop (XPS-M1330). I used to use this printer quite often at the beginning..but now..NILL. Overall, I like it a lot because I could scan my coloured photos quite well to upload it in the web. But now I realised I rarely use it and it is not good to leave it idle for so long. The ink will slowly dry off and then I would need to buy new cartridges again. Lately, someone mentioned about buying a printer..and I thought "Hey...if she does not mind a second hand printer, why not get mine?". But I really do not know how much I should sell. If I am not mistaken the printer cost me about RM200-300 at that time. Hmmmm...

Anyway, some photos of my printer:

View of the scanner

Overall view

View when not in use

You can check out the cartridges prices at

This is where I bought my new cartridges. Purchasing of the cartridges was very easy..just by doing it online and they will send them by post in a nice packaging :P
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