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A friend sent me this article and I found it to be very amusing. Reminds me of the movie "Pleasantville". While reading the article, I found myself laughing, offended, amazed, angry, curious....all emotions mixed into one. But I would not be suprised that they are still women who actually have to follow most of these rules once they are married. In my opinion, some of the "rules" are not too bad but quite a few of them are degrading.

In the end, I only had one emotion about this article and that was-----AMUSED..hehe. One thing is for sure, if my hubby wants me to follow all the rules stated in the article, I will......hmmm.....lets not get to that part. Because for sure I would not marry a guy like that...:P


Before anyone misunderstands, the chendol on the left picture have nothing to do with the picture on the right...err...not entirely true. Well, here is the story...
The chendol in Melaka's Jonker Street is very well known because of its tasty tasty, yummy yummy Gula Melaka!! Hail Gula Melaka! :). But there is only one shop (No. 88) on Jonker's Street that is suppose to serve the BEST chendol ever. My parents and I arrived Jonker's Street full of enthusiasm...but VOILA...the queue was so long (as shown on the right pic). What would you do in such situation? Suffer the hot sun and queue along with all the crazy food fanatics? Or would you go home?
We ended up eating chendol at the next door shop, No.86..:P. It was nice but I guess not as mouth watering as shop No.88. Truth, I would have queued up for the delicious chendol if my parents weren't there. Come on all the way there and not having it? next trip perhaps?


This traffic light is the one from Mutiara Damansara heading to LDP.
Have you ever experienced those irritating traffic lights that only allows one or two cars to pass by even when there are "hundreds" of cars waiting in queue? Take note on the car in front of mine (Persona if I am not mistaken). It was third in line when the traffic light turned green...but it was not one of the succesful cars passing the stupid traffic light (second pic show the Persona had to stop at RED after two cars went through).
Are traffic lights suppose to increase people's blood pressure? It certainly did for me.

Err...perhaps an entire army would not be the right words unless the entire army consists of three of ME..or four.

Had this HUGE portion of Prawn Pasta at Tony Roma's today. Tony Roma's dishes comes with a complimentary bread, mushroom soup and biscuits (served before the main dish...I was 1/3 full after those dishes..haha). Anyway, the portion of my dish completes my lunch, dinner (takeaway) and I even had some leftovers.

*BURP*...excuseeeeeeeeee meee....:P
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Went to see the latest Singapore movie, Where Got Ghost. I did not expect the movie to be in three parts. It was a funny movie, however I am a little scared now that I am alone at home...haha

Personally, I still think that Money Not Enough 2 is the BEST Jack Neo movie ever...perhaps the best Singapore movie I have seen. Seen it three times and tears flow every single time.
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Everyone have their firsts in life. This is mine as a blogger. Will it make my life busier? Will it help me to update my life's story to my close ones? Will it be able to improve my English? I guess we will never know till I become a frequent blogger!!

So, wish me luck! :)
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