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I have been working like a crazy woman everyday after work to clean and clear our stuff. Worst part of it is that AK is not in for almost three weeks!! He only stayed in our HOME for one night and had to leave on a plane the very next day. AK told me to take it slowly...easier said than done. Once I get started, I could not stop..this is why I have started to fall sick (flu, sorethroat and a slight headache). BUT...I am partly glad I am this crazy after seeing parts of our home being transformed. I am falling deeper in love with our home day by day. Below are some of the latest updated photos. I managed to clean most of the area downstairs but there is still much to do. My storeroom is still filled with our stuff...lots to do till it's truly ready.

My dad "opening ceremony" (sprinkled some mixture of rice, salt and tea leaves)

Wet Kitchen: Sink Area

Wet Kitchen: Cooking Area

Dry Kitchen

View of Dry Kitchen and left part of Wet Kitchen

Dining Hall : Overall View

Dining Table : Coasters etc from Bali

Living Hall: Overall View (with AK's favourite LCD TV..hehe)

Living Hall: Table chosen by AK

Our "Love Nest"...:P (Bedsheet set chosen by ME! :P)

Wardrobe : (I took almost an hour to get this wardrobe cleaned!!)

One of our staircase light (This my favourite light :P)

So...WOW...below here will most likely be the last photos I will be updating before I officially move into my house this weekend. I have my hubby to thank, for his great effort on making our house as close to a HOME as possible :). Thanks to his patience and hard work throughout the two weeks I am away. Thank you dear...big MUAKSSSSS for you!! :) :)

From my last update, we have progressed into the installation of our electrical appliances and the delivery of all of our furniture.

We still have a few more things to settle before we shift in. Some touch up here and there, some appliances to install, some stuff to buy etc. One BIG problem that occurred was the scratches made on the parquet by everyone that did any type of work upstairs..sigh. Should have been more careful but what was done cannot be reversed. Hence, we had to hire people to polish and shellec the whole of upstairs and the staircase for RM1000!!!..something that we did not budget for.

Anyway, here are the progress photos;

View of living hall from our dining area (sorry about the rotation of the photo.could not fix it :P)

Close-up photo of TV cabinet

View of Dining Room from Living Hall

Dry Kitchen

Wet Kitchen (Cooking Area)

Wet Kitchen (Washing Area)

Family Hall

Master Room Built-In wardrobe

The new polished and shellecked staircase

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