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I was back in my hometown last week and my mum has cleared out my old stuff from the store room. She put all my stuff in two baskets for me to look through if I wanted to keep them or not. Ohhh...and I had fun just looking through my old stuff (including my old was hilarious)

Well, I actually found all my old letters from my schoolmates (I shifted to another state when I was in Standard 6). I had fun reading those letters. Many were just very short letters. I never realised we really went all out just to send one letter. Just a few sentences on a decorated paper (some perfumed), we had to go through all the trouble of folding the letter, put it in an envelope, decorate the envelope, write the address and not forgetting to Thank the "Mr. Postman", seal the envelope, stick a stamp on it and get our parents to send the letter for us. And it will take 2-3 days for the letter to arrive to your friend.

Compare this to our current situation...oh my, oh my...I think we would be crazy to do such thing now. But it was fun as long as it lasted :)
One of the things that can actually lighten up my day without anyone's help is....COMEDY!! Sometimes when I feel down or just had a quarrel with my hubby (made up but still feel down), all is better (or at least a little better) after watching some episodes of my favourite comedy series. I had a conversation on this with my hubby just the other day. I started by asking him what is your all time favourite comedy? He answered "hmm...Everybody Loves Raymond". At that time we were watching one of those old episodes on Everybody Loves Raymond which really cracked us up :P. He then return the question to me. I thought for awhile and I feel that I like two comedy series equally. They are:-



Try it sometime if you are feeling down :)
I realised that comedies are not as they used to be. Many which are shown on Star World currently are just OK. So far I have fairly enjoyed others such as 30 Rock, The Office, Kings of Queens, According to Jim, How I Met Your Mother etc...but not as much as the ones above. Which is your favourite? :P
Every morning after 40minutes of driving, I usually reach work half hour before my work starts. I have a principal that I would not start work before my working hours. So, I will normally browse through the newspaper for the main news (to come up with topics late in the day when there are no more topics to talk about..haha). Then I will go online to check my mails and do some face-booking. When the clock strikes 09.00, I shut down all unrelated sites and start my work.

The above sounds all too normal I guess. But after a few minutes pass, time just seems to go in slow motion. A minute feels more like 15 minutes for me. This is when I start wishing it was my lunch break. Then I can have a rest, have lunch and chit chat with colleague (s). After my lunch break, it gets worst. It feels like I am in another world wondering what am I doing sitting down in this stupid cubicle and wondering when 6pm will arrive. After the dreadful 4 hours which feels more like eternity, 6pm arrives, and I will be too shy to leave because everyone else still seems so busy with their work. By 6.05-6.10pm, I will say to myself, "what the heck! Just go home la"...haha... Day in and day out this is my routine.

I just feel zombi-fied during my 8 hrs of work and feel so much more refreshed half hour after I have reached home. But most of the time, I would just be too tired to do anything for those measly hours I have before I sleep. Is it worth it?
I attended my first "dress up" company dinner last night and surprisingly it was fun. Why I said surprisingly is because I did not enjoy the proccess of getting there (proccess of being in the committee team). Basically i felt useless and for the most part of the event, it was done by an event management company.

Anyway, as you can see from the photo attached, I dressed up as CHUN LI!! It was not because she was my idol (actually I rarely choose her as my Street Fighter character because she ends up loosing...haha). My reason of choosing her character was because it was the only outfit that can fit me!..haha. I tried a few outfits before this one. Both were Cleopetra's outfit. The outfits fits me but not too well (the skirt was a little big for me). I stumbled upon the Chun Li outfit when I saw the owner of the shop hanging it back into the closet. I saw that the outfit was small but was not too sure I could fit in. Asked the owner what outfit was that and once she saw me, she said it is Chun Li's outfit and it will fit me well since I am small sized. To cut the story short, I tried it, liked it and rented it!

I was a little worried that I would be so embarrassed wearing it for the dinner BUT they were so many other sporting staffs who really went all out to get an outfit for themselves!! :) I felt "normal" at the dinner..hehe.

p/s Grand Prize for Best Dress was RM 3000!!...I only got the consolation prize of RM 100 shopping vouchers.
p/s/s Btw, there were two CHUN LIs..hehe. Me at the right of the photo :P

Well, at least I had fun and had an opportunity to see Phua Chu Kang perform! :)
All in all, it was a great dinner

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