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I just took a seasonal flu vaccine, as I would be traveling to Australia soon. I know that now is not the winter season in Australia and I know that it is NOT a prevention for H1N1, but I guess it makes me feel “safer” by taking the jab which cost me RM74.80. The temperature at night in OZ is still cold (8-10 deg) and I would not want to be caught with any kind of flu once I get back to Malaysia. I would be too busy with the moving to my new home thing and cannot afford to get sick.

Anyway, I was asked to fill in a form (are you pregnant? When was your LMP? Are you allergic to any kind of drugs? Are you allergic to any kind of food? ). As I am not allergic to anything, I just tick NO to all without reading the details properly. The doctor who gave me the jab repeated these questions. And then he asked: Are you allergic to CHICKEN EGG? Huhhhhh???????? First thing on my mind was, it is soooooo delicious and why would anyone be allergic to chicken eggs? Then it came to me: What does chicken eggs got to do with the vaccination I am taking? Here is what I found:

Well I guess I am very lucky I am not allergic to chicken egg. I love them but not as much as my hubby do :P
I work in a 20-storey building. You can only imagine how many people works in the same building. Hence, it is normal to NOT know most of the people that you share a lift with when you come to work and also leave from work. To have more than two people in the lift is alright for me. However, I do feel akward when there is only two of us because there would be this akward silence and none of us know where we should be looking. This gets weird especially when you greet each other before you go into the lift. It is as though I feel the need to "continue" the conversation after greeting the other person. But what can I talk about? The weather perhaps? Or the traffic jam? Or their children???

Follow up from the last update : They fixed the last

They had to skim almost all the walls in our room because of the burst pipe (Water splashed all over the walls..even to the extend of the opposite wall)

Our window grill...nice? :P

Our main door's grill :)

Fence (forgotten the correct term for this) for precaution

Touching up work

Hard at work in painting our walls

The colour contrast that we chose. Nice?

Changing position of the sink's pipe

At last...quite a number of things were completed by the contractor (something that I am very pleased with). As you can see, our grills are all up and I really love the pattern. They have also started painting for at least half of the area in our place.

However, I am a little worried of the after effect of the burst pipe in our room. The contractor closed the main water pipe since the incident and will only open it when they have finished the rectification works. However, we were informed that while they were doing the rectification works, the management re-open the main pipe and hence my room was again WET. My worry is more on the floor as the floor finishes are parquet. Parquet will spoil easily (or faster) if it was exposed to water. Sigh..I only can hope it will last, at least for few years (can't afford to change the parquet to a better one)

Installation of our built-in furnitures will be done by the end of next week. Crossing my fingers that there will not be a delay in this (this is by a different party)

Anyway, I am quite happy and pleased with the contractor's work this week. They are a little slow in their work (because of having too many projects) but their workmanship is quite good. Hope they would not delay anymore works.

As I recall, the issue of buying pirated or original CDs or DVDs have been a topic of discussion with my brother long time ago (around 6-8 years ago). My brother has always been a person who will only buy originals as a respect to the artists involved. I, for one cannot afford to buy originals. However, I did mention to him that I will buy originals once I start working.

(note: I did have some originals at that time...but just a few..just one or two of my favourite korean drama series :P)

So, what really happened when I started working? I still hardly buy originals as I did not think it was worth my money (and I have so many other things on my mind such as clothes, shoes, food, haha). This changed quite drastically this year, when my hubby started buying quite a number of original CDs. As for DVDs, he will buy the originals if it is on sale (movies, animes, etc). Hence, I follow suit..hehe. The Mariah Carey CD I bought was the latest original CD added to our collection (it was on special priced item though...RM29.90). As for DVDs...well, we are it is alright la..hehe.

My say on this is that if YOU can afford to buy originals, PLEASE to go ahead. It is really important that we do this IF we still want to enjoy the beautiful music and movies created by these artists. But if you are not that well-off, you can just save up to buy one or two originals of your favourite artist/movie. You will then notice the satisfaction feeling welling up in your body and hence will then make an effort to buy originals again..and again...and again :) :) :)

It is not too often you would find a shop selling desserts (tong sui) with so many varieties in a shopping mall. They serve cold and hot desserts with a wide range of variety. I am sure you could find your favourite tong sui in this shop. I have not tried many of their desserts but so far the ones I have tasted are quite impressive. Some of it is shown in the picture above. Below are the details of the shop :-

Venue: One Utama, LG 322, LG Floor Oval 1 (near Coldstorage)
Speciality: A wide variety of Hong Kong Desserts
Others: They have a few other branches (Kepong, Sunway Pyramid, Puchong and Low Yat)

All I can say is...for a girl like me who is not really into tong sui, this would be a place I definitely visit again.

Our Plaster Ceiling is up :)


There are some good news and some bad news. As you can see, my plaster ceiling in the living hall is already up (lightings have yet to be installed). The contractor have closed up neatly some of the holes that the alarm contractor 'created' to install the alarm wires. accident happened. The alarm contractor accidentally burst our water pipe at the master bedroom (located above our room door as shown in the other photo). Sigh....hence our general contractor will have to spend some time to fix this mess before he can continue with his work. Hope all goes well after this.


Venue: Cinneleisure, e@Curve
Price: RM40 per person (GSC One Utama is RM45)
Facilities out of cinema:
Free welcome drink (self service), huge waiting area (with lots of comfortable chairs, tables, magazines, LCD TVs on movie previews, massage chairs, beautiful framed photos of celebrities)
Facilities in cinema:
BIG comfortable recliners, good sound system, blanket and pillow as per request

I really love this cinema very much, compared to the one in GSC One Utama (Gold Class). The recliners are more user-friendly and much more comfortable. The waiting area actually smells good (lavendar) and it is such a nice place to be in. My HB was enjoying the free massage chair there while watching some movie trailers. Would definitely choose this over Gold Class anytime..unless we found an even better place :P. Hmmm...wondering when will the next time be ($$$$...'pokai')....hmmmmm
I would recommend my friends to watch this movie. It is about how the human kind have evolved and relying a lot on surrogates to walk their life..even to the extent of doing your daily chores. A human will just need to use the power of the brain to control these surrogates that were created to avoid lost of innocent lives (through crimes or military mishaps..etc)

It does make you wonder whether things will actually get better with a surrogate being put out into the world to lead your life. Will it really help the human kind? Or will it make humans become a lazy bunch of people? See for yourself :)

p/s You got to close one eye on Bruce Willis's looks ugly...hehe

Trailer for the movie :
Wet Kitchen (left) : Sink area
Wet Kitchen (right): cooking area

These were the first of the many works being done at our house. Views are for the wet kitchen where we chose to have a concrete top (rather than solid surface or granite or others) because it is more economical. It is of course not as glamorous as solid surface but it is more durable and can withstand the impact of chopping a HUGE chicken/duck (as an example..hehe). Granite would be too expensive.
Currently we are waiting for other works to get done by this same contractor (re-wiring, grill, additional power points, plaster ceiling, etc). Works are very slow because of few reasons (total time given by the management to the contractor is quite limited: less than 5 hrs a day, contractor is currently doing a few job simultaneously: a positive way to look at it is that he is good at his work with reasonable prices that too many people wants him..haha)
Well, mati-mati also I would need the house to be "stay-able" by the end of this month. Wish me luck!!
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