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Venue: Cinneleisure, e@Curve
Price: RM40 per person (GSC One Utama is RM45)
Facilities out of cinema:
Free welcome drink (self service), huge waiting area (with lots of comfortable chairs, tables, magazines, LCD TVs on movie previews, massage chairs, beautiful framed photos of celebrities)
Facilities in cinema:
BIG comfortable recliners, good sound system, blanket and pillow as per request

I really love this cinema very much, compared to the one in GSC One Utama (Gold Class). The recliners are more user-friendly and much more comfortable. The waiting area actually smells good (lavendar) and it is such a nice place to be in. My HB was enjoying the free massage chair there while watching some movie trailers. Would definitely choose this over Gold Class anytime..unless we found an even better place :P. Hmmm...wondering when will the next time be ($$$$...'pokai')....hmmmmm
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7 Responses
  1. thanks for blogging about this.. i've always wondered how the platinum at cineleisure looks like

  2. Elyssa Says:

    I have always thought all of these "privilage" cinemas are all the same. But I definitely love this place. However, I have only tried GSC One Utama and this. I am sure there are better ones out there (but price may be more expensive I suppose)

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Won't all these niceties make one feel relax and sleepy? Not exactly ideal when watching movie lah.

  4. Elyssa Says:

    Hehe...try it once and then you tell me how you feel about it...hmmm...maybe coming October's visit? :P. It is like being at home in a nice comfortable position watching a good movie on a very big screen with good sound system. It would be better if they had couple seats then I can snuggle up with my hubby :P

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, M'ysia is surely so much more advanced in this area than in US. I've not heard about anything like this. Pretty nice! (slr)

  6. Elyssa Says:


    Really? Or perhaps you did not explore there yet? You like to watch movies?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    While hubby & I are not up with the "yuppies" here, our daughter is, and so far, I've not heard her mentioning any such posh movie places. No, hubby & I are not movie buffs. (slr)

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