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At a Chinese Hawker Center Taman Desa, KL.

As usual, me and hubby with DJ in my arms walked into the open hawker center after DJ's training session. We normally would find a table at the side so that we would not be making anyone uncomfortable with DJ around (lots of people who brings their dog there chooses the side tables). Today was a little different because instead of having breakfast there, we had our lunch. Hence the place was quite packed. As we were approaching the best located table....

Men next door: Eh! Don't sit so near OK??!! (he said it in cantonese but just as rude)...(staring at us as if DJ was a disease)

I was really unhappy about that. This guy could have tell us politely to leave as he was not comfortable with a dog being so near him. He was plain rude. Even after we moved further away from him, he stared at us and moved even further.

Poor DJ.
DJ: Am I not cute enough, sir?

Finally our photoshoot day arrived. Perhaps I was too tired from everything that happened on Monday that when I woke up for my photoshoot day yesterday, I had not much of excitement in me. I was too busy thinking what were things that I forgot to pack for the photoshoot. I was also still wondering if there was a glimmer of hope that DJ would be able to join us in the shoot (ended up he could not).

Anyway, the photoshoot started with some make-over for AK and I..mostly for me..haha. It took more than an hour for me to get ready for the photoshoot but just about 20mins for AK. We spent about an hour to finish up with the indoor shoot and started getting ready for our outdoor photos. It was hilarious when we just started shooting as AK and I could not keep a straight smiling face while the photographer guided us through. Keep Gallery is well known for their outdoor shooting so we did not expect much from the indoor ones.

The journey to PD was tiring but once we reached there and started posing (jumping, walking, climbing branches, lying on the sand, etc), it started to get really exciting. Our first experience on the beach was terrible because the sand was SO hot and there were a few “time-bomb-plants” there that got stuck on my dress and cut my toes..OUCH. We went to a few locations in PD and had a great time :).
Overall, it was a great experience. I like our photographer Eugene and my MUA Crystal very much..not forgetting Joey, the assistant to the photographer was good too.

Actually, my hubby warned me early in the day not to get too stressed up during the shoot and start showing tantrums during the event. Told me to just enjoy myself and stop with my WORRYING..hahaha. Well, I am proud to say that throughout the whole day of shooting, I was patient, obedient and just enjoying the moments. I am sure you are proud of me, hubby!
Follow up photos to come soon……cross your fingers.
YES!! It finally arrived
Front Cover

Back Cover

And...the DVD itself!!

Russell Peters!!! You are one heck of a funny man!

AK and I fell in love with Russell Peters like we fell in love with the Edamame :P ( I have to thank Steven (friend) who introduced me to him. Russell Peters is so far one of the funniest comedian in the world. For the record, I do not watch many stand-up comedies. Hence, please forgive me if you do not think so (introduce me to one if you have someone better..hehe). Well, even if he is not the BEST, at least he is AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS!! I introduced him to a few of my friends and they just loveeeeeee him :).

Since he is a Canadian-Indian, his best jokes are on the Indians. Other than that, his jokes revolve a lot around Asians, Arabs, Jews, cultures, sex, etc. I am sure you would know by now that he will NEVER be allowed to perform in Malaysia. I was excited and sad at the same time when my friend Anu (I introduced RP to her a few months back) told me she will have the opportunity to watch him in Australia. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..why not me??? But well, she did help me buy one of his shows on DVD and I was so excited when the package arrived.

AK and I did not waste a single minute to start watching it. It was great just laughing our asses off at home watching him for two days in a row :)

To those who have not heard of Russell Peters, go watch some of his clips on You Tube. Unless you are one of those who are sensitive to jokes, you will surely enjoy his show.

(Photo courtesy of

The first time I saw edamame I was grossed out by it because I thought it was the Chinese beans. But the first time I tasted it in Rakuzen, I fell in love with it. Boiled edamame with sprinkles of salt....YUMMMMMYYYY! I introduced it to my hubby and now he is a sucker for it too :)

We have been wondering and finding a place in KL ( Malaysia perhaps) which sells fresh edamame so that we can boil/steam it ourselves and eat it as snacks. It is so much healthier than having junk food like 'keropok' and 'cookies'.

So anyone..anyone out there who knows where to get this in KL...PLEASEEEEEEEEEE tell me. I will reward you with $$ just to know where I can get this :P
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Ever wondered how Melaka food in KL will taste like? I decided to bring my half-Nyonya mother to Sri Melaka in One Utama. This is my second visit to this shop. Normally I would not go into any restaurant which has the word “Penang” or “Melaka” or any other states name in KL…it just does not seem right. But well, I got to satisfy my curiosity sometimes :P.

Overall from my total of two visits there, I think the food tastes quite good. However the food was way overpriced. So it is just one of those places I would go “once in awhile”. Judge it for yourself on the prices below:

Mix Vegetable with meat (RM 28.00)...way over priced even with the prawns

Green Curry Fish (RM 21.00) - This is highly recommended..marvelous

Foo Yong Egg (RM 14.00) - Very normal

Sizzling Beancurd (RM 15.00) - Normal

I guess the only dish I feel is kind of worth it is the delicious green curry fish..haha. However, I do recall the pandan chicken I had on my first visit was good too. Overall, I feel this is one place you can try once and that would be enough. Bring your whole family so that you can try a few of their dishes...but get your credit card ready or make sure you have enough cash..haha.
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This is something no wife would like to admit…that her family eats catering food at home. If you do not agree then I guess it is my personal opinion. First of all, I actually do like cooking for my husband. I actually miss cooking a lot and I have always wanted to do some baking like I did when I was in secondary school.

Time does not permit me to cook anymore (after my change of job and also taking care of DJ). We are out on weekends hence not much of cooking can be done. So with a heavy heart, I suggested to my hubby in ordering catered food for our dinner. It would be better than eating whatever “rubbish” we have at home which is unhealthy.
I found this home caterer online and was not too sure how good they were. I recalled during the days I had catered food when I was still schooling, I did not fancy much of their food and they were quite oily too. This home caterer assured me that their food uses less oil and salt and that the food they provide us is the same food he provides his own family.

I must say 80% of the time the food came with less oil and salt :) …not bad. Below are some photos of the catered food.

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