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This is something no wife would like to admit…that her family eats catering food at home. If you do not agree then I guess it is my personal opinion. First of all, I actually do like cooking for my husband. I actually miss cooking a lot and I have always wanted to do some baking like I did when I was in secondary school.

Time does not permit me to cook anymore (after my change of job and also taking care of DJ). We are out on weekends hence not much of cooking can be done. So with a heavy heart, I suggested to my hubby in ordering catered food for our dinner. It would be better than eating whatever “rubbish” we have at home which is unhealthy.
I found this home caterer online and was not too sure how good they were. I recalled during the days I had catered food when I was still schooling, I did not fancy much of their food and they were quite oily too. This home caterer assured me that their food uses less oil and salt and that the food they provide us is the same food he provides his own family.

I must say 80% of the time the food came with less oil and salt :) …not bad. Below are some photos of the catered food.

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