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The first time I saw edamame I was grossed out by it because I thought it was the Chinese beans. But the first time I tasted it in Rakuzen, I fell in love with it. Boiled edamame with sprinkles of salt....YUMMMMMYYYY! I introduced it to my hubby and now he is a sucker for it too :)

We have been wondering and finding a place in KL ( Malaysia perhaps) which sells fresh edamame so that we can boil/steam it ourselves and eat it as snacks. It is so much healthier than having junk food like 'keropok' and 'cookies'.

So anyone..anyone out there who knows where to get this in KL...PLEASEEEEEEEEEE tell me. I will reward you with $$ just to know where I can get this :P
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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I did not know how to eat it when I first had it! I ate the whole thing and was sooo grossed out! *LOL*

    Then my dear hubby told me that we were only supposed to eat the peas inside...and YUMMO.

    Good luck finding it in KL...I don't think I can find it here either although I have not been looking around. But yes, will make healthy snack indeed...

    You have now inspired me to hunt for it ;)


  2. Elyssa Says:

    Apparently, people told me I could get it at one particular supermarket here in KL (Jusco)!! Yipee!! However, it is frozen. There are two from Japan and one from China. Was advised to get the one from Japan :P

    p/s Sis, do not worry. I know a few people who ate with the skin their first time and hated it..hehe. I was too scared to try till I saw how others ate it :P

  3. Now you made me wanna hunt & try... adding another healthy snack for my girls.. ;D

  4. Elyssa Says:


    First of all, have you tried this in any sushi shop before? You should try it first then decide whether you like it or not. Some people are just ok with it. But for me, 9 out of 10 times of my visit to a sushi place, I will order this..sometimes two plates of it..hehe

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Those are soy bean pods. Can't they be found in some of your popular supermarkets? I like them too. SR

  6. Elyssa Says:


    A few of my friends responded on this and apparently there is a supermarket here which sells frozen edamame :). Can't wait to try it

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Jaya grocer empire sells the frozen ones from japan

  8. Elyssa Says:

    Oh thanks for the info. However, now that I am in Penang, there are no Jaya Grocer :(

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