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Finally our photoshoot day arrived. Perhaps I was too tired from everything that happened on Monday that when I woke up for my photoshoot day yesterday, I had not much of excitement in me. I was too busy thinking what were things that I forgot to pack for the photoshoot. I was also still wondering if there was a glimmer of hope that DJ would be able to join us in the shoot (ended up he could not).

Anyway, the photoshoot started with some make-over for AK and I..mostly for me..haha. It took more than an hour for me to get ready for the photoshoot but just about 20mins for AK. We spent about an hour to finish up with the indoor shoot and started getting ready for our outdoor photos. It was hilarious when we just started shooting as AK and I could not keep a straight smiling face while the photographer guided us through. Keep Gallery is well known for their outdoor shooting so we did not expect much from the indoor ones.

The journey to PD was tiring but once we reached there and started posing (jumping, walking, climbing branches, lying on the sand, etc), it started to get really exciting. Our first experience on the beach was terrible because the sand was SO hot and there were a few “time-bomb-plants” there that got stuck on my dress and cut my toes..OUCH. We went to a few locations in PD and had a great time :).
Overall, it was a great experience. I like our photographer Eugene and my MUA Crystal very much..not forgetting Joey, the assistant to the photographer was good too.

Actually, my hubby warned me early in the day not to get too stressed up during the shoot and start showing tantrums during the event. Told me to just enjoy myself and stop with my WORRYING..hahaha. Well, I am proud to say that throughout the whole day of shooting, I was patient, obedient and just enjoying the moments. I am sure you are proud of me, hubby!
Follow up photos to come soon……cross your fingers.
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sherlynna and PK did not even sign up for an elaborate photo shoot, and yet they had a very long day. I think they did not even have a lunch break! PK was not pleased. However, I must say the photo album is beautiful. SR

  2. Elyssa Says:

    Ya. My sis also did not have an elaborate photo shoot but hers also took very long.
    As for lunch, I did my research before the photo shoot and the sales person also gave us some advice. Basically our lunch will be in the car on the way to PD. It was best to just buy our own bread and eat it in the car. As for the photographer, the assistant and the make-up artist, they have a big breakfast..hence they just skip their lunch.
    Anyway, the most important thing is that we both enjoyed ourselves and also hoping that the outcome of the album would be good.

  3. Carrie Tai Says:

    no time for lunch when i did my photoshoot. We just ate some bread in the car... Pity :(

  4. Elyssa Says:

    Me tooooooo la :(. My hubby did not eat anything at all actually. I think maybe both of us too excited bah? hehehe. Btw, who was your photographer? Sam Chui?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Look forward to seeing your album when we meet next. SR

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