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It has been so long I had cough. I never liked the cough syrup given by the doctor and tried to avoid at all cost on taking it. So when I know my cough is just starting, I will tell the doctor that I had no cough. Normally, while recovering from my other sickness (sorethroat, flu, headache, etc) my cough will go away with plenty of water. This time I am not that lucky as cough was the main symptom of my sickness.

It is now 2.00am. I went to bed at 11.30pm. I could not sleep.

It all started about a week ago (Wednesday). I had sorethroat and cough. Went to see the doc and took his medicine diligently. I had medical leave on Wednesday and had Thursday to rest too because it was a public holiday. Went back to work on Friday not fully recovered. As the office was cold (even when I had my jacket on), my cough got worse. Went to see the doctor again on Saturday and had three days to rest. For two nights I could not sleep much as I was mainly coughing my lungs out at night (till one point I vomited). Nevertheless I got a little better, enough for me to go back to work today (have not want to get fired…haha). That morning when I woke up from my measly few hours of sleep, whaddaya know, I woke up with a red eye (not extremely red but had the symptoms of conjunctivitis). I went to work anyway. My cough medication finished the day before (after 6days).

Tonight, I was coughing rather badly and while lying on the bed trying to get some shut eye, my red eye symptoms got worse. Fluid and shit was flowing out of the eye every few seconds. My vision on my left red eye blurred out. My cough did not seem to help me get my shut eye. And hence, here I am…getting frustrated and wondering when will all these end. I have tried doctors’ medication + gargling with salt water and Listerine + dosage of Pei Pa Ko + drinking herbal drink + drinking honey + drinking ginger water..nothing works. I can’t be getting no sleep at night and go to work in the morning. I can’t take medical leave everyday or I may just get fired. WTH!!! Sigh…

So now I am trying to get myself very tired and try to get some sleep on the sofa. Hope I can get at least a few hours of sleep tonight…wish me luck.
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