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Some of you must be wondering what edamame has got to do with my dog, DJ. Well, I came up with the equation below:

Just two days ago, AK and I were eating our favourite edamame at home while watching some TV. For those who do not know edamame well, you can read this topic (Edamame) You are NOT supposed to eat the skin of edamame. Only eat the peas inside it. Of course our greedy DJ just stared at us eating the edamame hoping that he can get some of it.

We threw the edamame skin on some old newspaper to be thrown later. After finishing all of the edamame, we decided to take a bath. One BIG mistake was we did not throw the skin yet and went for bath. And what do you know; our little “innocent” DJ ate a few of the skin!! AK caught him munching some and he stopped and he started acting like he was caught red-handed (which he did!!..haha)

Anyway, we hoped that he would be ok after that. But for the past two nights, he vomited out the edamame skin in the middle of the night. Serve him right!! (opsss…I am not suppose to say that)

Moral of the story: Listen to your parents…hahaha
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