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I work in a 20-storey building. You can only imagine how many people works in the same building. Hence, it is normal to NOT know most of the people that you share a lift with when you come to work and also leave from work. To have more than two people in the lift is alright for me. However, I do feel akward when there is only two of us because there would be this akward silence and none of us know where we should be looking. This gets weird especially when you greet each other before you go into the lift. It is as though I feel the need to "continue" the conversation after greeting the other person. But what can I talk about? The weather perhaps? Or the traffic jam? Or their children???
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7 Responses
  1. i usually have feel uncomfortable too in the lift with some strangers.. even they are my neighbours.. haha..

  2. Elyssa Says:

    Hmm...I wonder how would it be like if I met you in the lift..hehe

  3. well, u gotta tap on my shoulder or something.. coz i don't look at ppl.. would avoid eye contact.. hehe :p shy mah

  4. Elyssa Says:

    hehe...we sama-sama la...but if I feel "brave" on that day, I will look up and smile (if there is only one person la). If not, it would be the same as you...don't look at anyone :P

  5. haiyo.. then how? if we both in the same lift also we won't know! hahaha...

  6. Elyssa Says:

    hehe..that would be funny actually. Never mind la, we will meet in each other houses...:P

  7. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Stare at the lift counting down the floor as it moves :P

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