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I just took a seasonal flu vaccine, as I would be traveling to Australia soon. I know that now is not the winter season in Australia and I know that it is NOT a prevention for H1N1, but I guess it makes me feel “safer” by taking the jab which cost me RM74.80. The temperature at night in OZ is still cold (8-10 deg) and I would not want to be caught with any kind of flu once I get back to Malaysia. I would be too busy with the moving to my new home thing and cannot afford to get sick.

Anyway, I was asked to fill in a form (are you pregnant? When was your LMP? Are you allergic to any kind of drugs? Are you allergic to any kind of food? ). As I am not allergic to anything, I just tick NO to all without reading the details properly. The doctor who gave me the jab repeated these questions. And then he asked: Are you allergic to CHICKEN EGG? Huhhhhh???????? First thing on my mind was, it is soooooo delicious and why would anyone be allergic to chicken eggs? Then it came to me: What does chicken eggs got to do with the vaccination I am taking? Here is what I found:

Well I guess I am very lucky I am not allergic to chicken egg. I love them but not as much as my hubby do :P
3 Responses
  1. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I love chicken eggs too. Yummy.

  2. Elyssa Says:

    haha..thank goodness we are not allergic to them :P

  3. Elyssa Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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