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As I recall, the issue of buying pirated or original CDs or DVDs have been a topic of discussion with my brother long time ago (around 6-8 years ago). My brother has always been a person who will only buy originals as a respect to the artists involved. I, for one cannot afford to buy originals. However, I did mention to him that I will buy originals once I start working.

(note: I did have some originals at that time...but just a few..just one or two of my favourite korean drama series :P)

So, what really happened when I started working? I still hardly buy originals as I did not think it was worth my money (and I have so many other things on my mind such as clothes, shoes, food, haha). This changed quite drastically this year, when my hubby started buying quite a number of original CDs. As for DVDs, he will buy the originals if it is on sale (movies, animes, etc). Hence, I follow suit..hehe. The Mariah Carey CD I bought was the latest original CD added to our collection (it was on special priced item though...RM29.90). As for DVDs...well, we are it is alright la..hehe.

My say on this is that if YOU can afford to buy originals, PLEASE to go ahead. It is really important that we do this IF we still want to enjoy the beautiful music and movies created by these artists. But if you are not that well-off, you can just save up to buy one or two originals of your favourite artist/movie. You will then notice the satisfaction feeling welling up in your body and hence will then make an effort to buy originals again..and again...and again :) :) :)
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5 Responses
  1. Elyssa Says: sis made a comment on this topic. She said "is it sensible to advertise yourself doing illegal things online?"....
    Perhaps I should "adjust" my words here? However, there are many who "advertises themselves" in buying pirated goods online. Is it allowed? Hmmmm...I guess to be safe, I will change my words a little..hehe

  2. Elyssa Says:

    Amended a little in this topic..don't think I have indicated anything illegal in this..haha.

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I totally of the view that if you can afford it, buy the original. If cannot...well, borrow or rent :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I remember when your bro found out I bought those pirated items, he commented I would not appreciate it if people were to imitate Tim's mice. You know what, I stopped. The funny thing is, when I bought original dvd's, they would not work in my player (I think they got used to the pirated formats :)! Some technical thing. Brought them back and exchanged them for vcd's.

  5. Elyssa Says:

    Wow...true story ah? Should learn from you la...luckily our player plays originals too...hahaha

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