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Christmas is drawing near. I am neither a Christian nor a Catholic, but out all of the Malaysian celebrations, I love Christmas the most. Compared to Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya songs, Christmas songs are the BEST. It seems to lighten up your mood and suck you into the occasion even if you are not celebrating it. The other celebrations for me is too loud, too much work, too much of everything..and it does not help that most of their songs are unpleasant to my ears. Another thing I love about Christmas is their decorations. It makes me happy and excited just seeing the decorated Christmas tree.

I never really celebrated Christmas. At most, I join my cousins for mass on the eve of Christmas and visit them for lunch on the first day. But this was years ago. This year, my parents and brother will be coming down to my place for Christmas. I think like all celebrations, Christmas is all about FAMILY. I wish my sister will be here too but she is just too far away. At least this year I get to spend Christmas with my hubby, my parents and my brother in my new HOME. It is going to be a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!



Lyssa and hubby
7 Responses
  1. i only look forward for the pressies! :p

  2. Elyssa Says:

    haha..I rarely get presents cos my family members do not "celebrate" it. Maybe 3-4 years had some exchange presents with my cousins/colleagues.

  3. merry x'mas & enjoy yourself with your family @ your new HOME...

    i can't put up WSH's x'mas tree as planned... :(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    *Sniff Sniff* So far away...


  5. Elyssa Says:


    Hope you will have a great Christmas with your family and friends :) :). You will be in my thoughts.....

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Your comment, "songs are unpleasant to my ears" made me smile. Here we enjoyed one month of Christmas songs. When you and AK visit us, we will take you to "Winter Haven" where homes are so well decorated for Christmas. sl

  7. Elyssa Says:

    hehe...its true ma. So loud and noisy. Imagine hearing those songs just before you sleep...crazy.
    Wahh...I can just imagine the looks of the houses. Then it would be another thing I love about Christmas :). Anyway, have a great NEW YEAR ahead ya

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