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We are having a blast playing with our new toy, the Sony DSC HX1. It is simple enough for me to use and yet the photos turn out quite well. I am no expert in photography but this camera pushes me to be more creative in photo taking. Below are some photos taken using this camera. Keep in mind that we are not professionals and are just learning the right way of using it :)

A close up of a Golden Retriever from DJ's training

DJ at his second Obedience Training Class

A panaroma view of The Legend Water Chalet Resort in Port Dickson

A photo of me at the resort above

AK's photo at the resort

A close up photo of me (although I think I look fat here, but the photo itself is nice...hehehe)

Using the food application on this photo..nice? :P

Ahh...I love this...the SUNSET

Me and DJ looking out the balcony

AK and DJ with the Sunset
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow...the sunset looks UNREAL!


  2. Elyssa Says:

    Yeah...a few said it looks like a painting rather than a real life sunset..haha. You can see a bigger photo of it in my FB:!/photo.php?pid=3903754&id=748076621

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