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I was uploading some of DJ’s photos (old and new) into a website when I suddenly noticed how much he has changed in just a few months (look at pic above).

The first picture was when AK and I first met him at the breeders’ house. He was in a medium sized rattan basket with his brother (named T-Rex by his owner now). DJ was very curious with what was happening out of the basket that he tried to stand up against the basket wall to look at what was happening outside. AK was amused by him and that was when we decided to get him. (30 Jan 2010)

Second photo was taken on his first outing to a friends’ house where he played in her garden and had a blast, but was extremely tired after that. (6 Mac 2010)

And the last photo was taken recently in May when he went for his first Obedience Training Class. (28 March 2010)

See the difference? Miss his “puppy” look a little after seeing these photos together..hehe. But he turned out to be one handsome miniature schnauzer huh? :P
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