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I am the youngest among my siblings. And I do admit that among the three of us, I am the least responsible child due to the fact that I did not need to hold much responsibility when I was younger. My brother who is the eldest has always been the most sensible one among us. He makes decisions after giving it much thought. My sister always had been the one with her own opinions and is not afraid to follow them. And all I could think of when I was younger was how unfair the world is when my parents forces me to study…hahahaha. Hence, it is not a surprise that my brother and sister are much more sensible in making decisions. I really salute them for making so much effort in researching before they decide on implementing or decide on something. I am such a lazy person that I do not bother to do such thing. Lots of time, the both of them will do the research for me and I will just read the summary. It was even better if they came up with a solution for my problem :P

However when I decided to get a puppy, I did my own research for a month before deciding on what breed of dog would be suitable for me and my hubby. I continued researching on how to bring up DJ (my Mini Schnauzer) and what is acceptable and not. To me, it is an obvious decision to do these researches before getting a puppy. It is not like buying a PC or handphone, etc. You are actually buying a “life thing” which will be in your life for the next 10-15 years! Hence I thought it was normal for everyone to do what I did.

But it actually shocked me on how many people out there (same age as me or older) buys a dog without doing a single research. Many of them do not know that certain breed of dogs is not suitable for them. At times I get so angry when someone buys a dog not knowing what to do with it. They thought that everything could be trained but this is not 100% true. I get so angry till I say this “You not only have to research on which kind of dog is suitable for you. But you also have to think whether the dog will be happy in the environment you plan to bring him up in. Getting a dog just to please you is not the right thing. The dog deserves to be happy too”.

After this experience, I suddenly realized how irritating I may have been to my family…haha. I have always been the one that refuses to do any research. Well, hopefully from now on, I will make more sensible decisions..but no promises..:P
5 Responses
  1. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    I'm proud of your due diligence before getting DJ and even after that. DJ is going to be one very happy dog :)

  2. Anonymous Says: little sister is sure growing up! *grin*

    You sound like me feeling crazy when many of my friends (particularly Msians) still believe that relationships comes naturally and that mother instinct will kick in once the baby arrives!!!

    So be proud of yourself my little sister...welcome to the minority group *grin*

    I am sooo very proud of you!


  3. Elyssa Says:

    Jeremy: Thanks :). I really do hope DJ is happy with us as much as we are happy having him around.

  4. Elyssa Says:

    Sis, is however a very tiring process doing all those researches. But I guess in the end it does show positive results.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Are you kidding? When I was there, I could plainly see how much you love DJ and how happy DJ was with you. Lyssa, doing the research was wise esp since eventually you will be having kids of your own. You want them all to get along. Here it seems, many people go for specific breed preference taking into consideration the type of environment it is going to be in. SR

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