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I have never been good at handling with squabbles even if it does not involves me directly. I recall these few situations very clearly:-

1.       When I was just in primary school, my god-father came home drunk and picked some verbal fights with my god-siblings. I ran into the room and cried and kept telling one of my god-sister to get my god-father to stop quarrelling

2.       When I was in early secondary school, my dad and brother had an argument at the dining table. I could not stand it and went into my room and cried.

It seems like the situation hasn’t change much (I just noticed this connection). I just could not stand my kids arguing/squabbling with each other. It makes my whole body so uncomfortable. Feels like I cannot breathe. Feels like my heart is not mine. Feels like my head is going to blow. I feel like going into my room and cry.
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