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Someone gave some advice to me on how to live in harmony with people around you (Be it your spouse pr parents or anyone dear to you). Here are some pointers

1. To accept that nobody is perfect
2. To accept each of our weaknesses and focus on each other's strengths
3. To have no expectations but more of a mutual understanding
4. To accept one as a whole and not pin point on what is wrong (means even if you dislike a certain type of habit or attitude but he or she comes with it, you got to fully accept it whole heartedly)

All I can say is...this person must be living in an almosy perfect life. If each and every person in this world is like this person, there would certainly be no arguments, no war...but just love.

Is it possible? I hardly think so. I feel that it is more of a "click" of personalities (with some little effort) that brings harmony between two people. It is very hard to accept another person's habit/character that you just cannot make yourself accept it.

What do you think?
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