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DJ is a mini schnauzer and some will call this kind of breed the “old man” dog because of its long moustache and eyebrows. Although DJ is just a puppy now, but my little one is a grumpy, long-winded old man at times. It is hilarious when seeing him “grumble” about something. Few examples below:-

Scene 1: After we come back home from work, he would want us to carry him so he can “complain” to us. He would make noises like soft whines and it can continue for a bit. And when I pass him to my hubby to hold him, he will continue to do his whining. As if telling us “Why you leave me alone for so long? I am so lonely you know? I am also very hungry you know…etc”…hahaha

Scene 2: DJ knows how to climb up the staircase already (knew it since the 2nd week we brought him back) but do not know how to climb back down. Hence, we have to block the staircase entrance with boxes when we are not around. However, there were many times that our little DJ finds his way through the boxes and ends up being stuck upstairs till we come back home. To avoid this from happening, we are now teaching him how to climb back down whenever he wants to. And boy, when we coax him down (without a treat), he WILL come down eventually..but not without grumbling while he does it. He will let out a soft growl and look at me and continue growling as he climb downstairs. As if telling me “Why force me to climb down when you know I do not like climbing downstairs? Why? Why? Why?”…hahahaha

That’s my little DJ for you :P
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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    *LOL* What a cracker!


  2. Elyssa Says:

    Hehe...that's my nonsense son for ya. This morning did it again..almost the whole way downstairs grumbling and whining. Not sure whether he will still be like that when he grows up.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Having grown and with the obedience school, he should be a pro with stairs now, right? Having DJ is a sneak preview to having a kid, although in much simpler terms. SR

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