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Last night was my second time having my dinner here. The first time, my husband and I bumped into this place while finding for a steamboat place nearby. Since their main dish is suppose to be steam fish, and has fans of steam fish, we decided to give it a try. And we liked it and decided to bring my in-laws who are from up north and usually surrounded with good cheap food.

Sorry I’ve forgotten to take some pictures of the restaurant itself (next round perhaps? :P). It is just a simple air-conditioned restaurant. On the walls, you will see pictures of plants and fishes. The fish is their main attraction (as mentioned on their billboard itself). They only serve one kind of fish which is the Red Tilapia. The difference between their fish compared to the other restaurants is that they are bred somewhere in Bukit Tinggi. This is also true for some of their vegetables too which makes their fish taste very fresh and their vegetables sweet.

If you are into foods that are cooked elaborately with lots of ingredients, this is not the place for you. They serve their food in a very simple way, just like how we would cook at home. One thing you have to be wary is that all their fishes are small-medium size. One fish (with some other dishes) will be able to feed two people.

Below are some of their dishes we had last night:
Fish- Original Sauce (RM15)
The fish is sweet and the sauce though simple but complements the fish

Fish – Ginger Sauce (this is their so-called house special) (RM15)
Those that wants more taste for their fish, this would be a better choice than the above

Vegetable – Guidou Miao (till now I do not know what is this called in English) (RM8)
This vegetable is nice but I think they cooked it with a wee bit too much oil

Vegetable – Sweet potato leave (RM8)
This dish is not as oily as the above

Soup – Wintermelon with Scallop (RM6)
I love this soup although my husband did not like it so much because of the strong taste of the scallops

Other dishes we ordered including my first visit (I did not make it on time to take any photos)
1. Steam 3-types of egg (chicken egg, salted egg & century egg) – very nice but served in small portion fit for one person only. Those that like less salt in their dishes, this would be a great dish to order
2. Herbal Chicken Soup (RM6) – Very nice but like most herbal soup, there is a layer of oil on top
3. Drink – Water chestnut + sugar cane (RM3) – recommended too

Price per person: Around RM20

61, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre

03-6272 4492
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